A Sailor's Touch Shadow Pen


The Shadow Pen

A shadow box can be a bit large to carry around. However, not one veteran out there can deny the impact of a display of what we did in the Military.  It impresses fellow vets and captivates those who never served under the Nation’s Colors.. From starting a conversation to outright intimidation, emblems of one’s service can be the tools that gets us into good situations.  It also can be a restraint for those who might be planning a bad situation for us.

I present the Shadow Pen!

Ship's crests – or any other graphic or picture – are encased in solid clear resin, turned and polished in a 9-hour process. The top of this unique twist pen is made of submarine battery well wood. Alabaster, Chrome and Solid Silver encase a solid brass twist mechanism for a lifetime of use. The pen uses CROSS Brand refills.

It takes approximately 15 hours to create this beauty from start to finish. And you can have it made just like you want for $180.

--Chief D. Clayton Meadows


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