Brighten Your World With An Illusion Lamp

It’s just an Illusion.  Really!  Just an Illusion.  You really do see it, but, remember — it’s just an Illusion.  It’s not there!  It’s an Illusion.

It looks real.  You can change its color.  In fact, you can do about 40 things with the remote.  It looks so real that it’s surreal!  Grab it with one hand or two hands.  Got it?  No way!  Remember, it’s an Illusion.

But, you can have it – sort of.  You can chose what it is.  But, it’s an Illusion.  A conversation piece, of course.  A comforting light to chase away the darkness.  You’ll find it fascinating, want to show it off to your friends.  

They will be mesmerized by it too.  Oh, sure, they’ll try to grab it, but they can’t.  Remember, it’s an Illusion.

As you see from these picture, your Illusion can be just about anything.Your choice, of course. Contact the Chief about what you want your Illusion to be.  His email is  When he sends it to you, enjoy your Illusion whenever you want.  It won’t wear out, but please remember: It’s just an illusion, but it will brighten your world for real.

Lamp comes with your choice of the Illusion.  $45

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